Confluence 20 Creative Ecologies Exhibition opens in Hong Kong

Confluence 20+ Creative Ecologies Exhibition opens in Hong Kong

Confluence • 20+ is a monumental roving exhibition series showcasing a wealth of collaborative works by best talents in the Hong Kong design scene. It is a stage for creative collisions – celebrating the co-evolving and interdependent communities in Hong Kong’s creative industry. These exhibitors are true innovators that draw upon resources and inspirations from Hong Kong and beyond.
In a fast-paced world where innovations emerge almost every day, how is our design changing to fit this new era? At Confluence • 20+, twenty Hong Kong designers will be offering insights into the latest developments in Hong Kong’s creative industry, how are the relationships evolving? Especially when we consider the design aesthetics, production craftsmanship, commercial outlet – and creative ecologies at large. How can we leverage creatives’ obvious economic and cultural abilities to deliver a sustainable future?

Confluence • 20+ is all about synergy. It is a point of convergence where flowing rivers merge and mix to gain greater momentum. From this point of departure, they continue their journey downstream and disperse to different places. Ultimately, they create the immensity of ocean and lead the tide.
Featured designers include:
Nicol Boyd & Tomas Rosén | Alan Chan | Samuel Chan
Gary Chang | Lu Lu Cheung | Chiu Kwong Chiu | C.L. Lam
Freeman Lau | James Law | Lee Chi Wing | Lo Chi Wing
Lo Kai Yin | Lo Sing Chin | Sharon de Lyster
Elaine Yan Ling Ng | Kingsley Ng | Sammy Or
Julie Progin & Jesse Mc Lin | Otto Tang | Stanley Wong