Confluence 20 Exhibition features the work of James Law Cybertecture

Engineered to be the next generation of home living, Alpod is a prefabricated unit that realises the emerging concept of mobile home. Alpod is designed by James Law Cybertecture for Aluhouse, with structural engineering support from Arup. Fitted in a lightweight yet sturdy aluminium shell, Alpod is a fully portable living unit that is easy to transport and set up. With immaculate interior finishings from power outlet, air conditioning to a chic kitchen, the open and airy unit is a contemporary rendition of the ideal designer’s home. A new mode of nomadic urbanisation is appealing – where houses are no longer segregated four-walled concrete apartments.
With a focus in the architecture of the future, James Law has established himself as an architect, designer and innovator. He founded James Law Cybertecture International in 2001 to design the world of the future for the betterment of mankind. Law’s architectural designs are true game-changers. They incorporate leading-edge technology such as automatic parking system to optimise user experience. Despite their technological and futuristic appearance, they are often inspired by nature. The buildings are considered a self-sustaining vessel, an ecosystem where lives exist, grow and evolve, providing its inhabitants a conducive environment to live in.