Cybertecture for Humanity 2019 Movie – AvengersEnd Game

We are pleased to announce that Cybertecture for Humanity 2019 Movie Screening will be Avengers: End Game. It is our tradition that each year, we work with strategic partners to make available to children under care in Hong Kong a chance to enjoy a movie that inspires fun, creativity, imagination and hope. This year, we continue our wonderful partnership for the third year with Po Leung Kuk Charity, Broadway Cinemas and Disney/Marvel Studios to treat over 100 children under care the opportunity to watch this exciting movie, enjoy popcorn and drink delicious soda.
Cybertecture for Humanity is a charity foundation that was formed on a mission to alleviate suffering through fostering hope, self esteem, creativity, innovation and imagination. In honour of Horatio Law Kam Yim, father of James Law the founder of Cybertecture for Humanity, the foundation continues to expand and explore to new horizons to deliver those important fundamental values that underpin a better future for all.