Day One – Cybertecture Academy 2019

Discussing the Future and Believing we can Design a Better One! First day of this year’s Cybertecture Academy 2019 has begun on the theme of Designing your Smart City. Hosted in partnership with CLP, I am thrilled to be working with my team to inspire a future generation of designers.
“Nurturing the People who will Change the World” We are an institution that provides experiential learning for youngsters (11-18 yrs old) and adults who want to learn about anything that can change the world through design, technology, architecture, science, innovation and making. We have courses over the year that covers many topics that may interest you! We collaborate with institutions like Google and Uber and James Law Cybertecture and many other innovation companies and individuals to curate amazing learning experiences that are fun, collaborative and enriching.” – Cybertecture Academy #cybertectureacademy