Arch2o features The Capital, India’s first Cybertecture mega building designed by James Law Cybertecture Architects in Mumbai

The Capital is the first in a new generation of Asian conscious and Asian designed super large modern commercial structure that marry the needs for modern commercial space with the conscious efforts to create a building that is environmentally sensitive. This formula of Asian sensitive married with Western technological know-how creates a blend of this building that yields an iconic building that is a landmark, and yet performs as a intelligent green building that creates sensitive spaces and automated spaces for the benefits of creating a green healthy working space for all within and for the part of the city that the building sits. Mumbai commercial building of 20 floors and 1.5 million sq.ft of space is designed for multinational companies including Deutsch Bank containing offices, restaurants, and lobbies, is designed with iconic egg-shaped structure, sculptural curtain wall, sky lobby, sky terraces and automated robotic car parking for 1500 cars. The Capital is designed by Asian architects who promote this kind of design as a Cybertecture that will yield such high-performance buildings for the betterment of mankind. The Capital is India’s first world class leading building, constructed with modern state of the art construction techniques and oversight, managed by world-class technological systems, and sets a benchmark for the performance standard of excellence to come in all future landmark commercial buildings in India. Its India’s first Cybertecture landmark building.