Design of sustainable shack by team of Cybertecture Academy 2017 chosen to be built in South Africa township

Projekt Ubuntu, a charity organisation looking after the poor slum community at Masiphumelele outside Cape Town, has selected the design of sustainable shack entitled “The Canopy” by Cameron Rowe, Ryan Wong, Chuck Yau, Adrian Ling, a team of high school students of Cybertecture Academy 2017 to be built in their township. The shack’s design features includes a component based structure made from container cargo box elements, recycled wood from railway sleepers, a solar shade above the house to keep cool the residents, roof top farm for growing own food, raised deck to prevent effects of flooding, and sun shades that can be painted on to express culture. The Canopy shack will be used as a crèche for children play and day care. Cybertecture Academy 2017 was taught by James Law and Zinc Lau, and hosted at James Law Cybertecture studios in Hong Kong. Cybertecture Academy is an academic institution focused on promoting design, architecture, innovation, technology and creativity to both children and adults of privileged and under privileged classes around the world. Founded in Hong Kong by James Law and Annie Ma of James Law Cybertecture architects, the academy begun in 2013 and runs courses for enrolment annually.