Saudi Arabia

In the heart of the Arabian desert, a pioneering urban development beckons under the name of Eden. Departing from traditional centralized models, Eden champions decentralization, fostering fluid expansion and evolution over time.

At its core lies the Technosphere, the cornerstone of Eden’s architecture, facilitating a distributed city layout connected through advanced transit systems. This visionary design places emphasis on expansive green areas for agriculture, water reservoirs, parks, and forests, essential for ensuring sustainability and bountiful resources.

Operated through advanced technologies, Eden’s governance, citizenship, and operations are orchestrated by AI and cutting-edge systems, ensuring efficiency and fostering continual innovation.

Strategically positioned in the Arabian desert, Eden stands ready for substantial growth, accommodating up to ten million residents without the constraints of a congested city center. Spanning approximately 100km by 100km, Eden heralds a transformative era towards a sustainable and adaptable urban future, powered by renewable energy sources for agricultural endeavors and water management.