Silver Wahatans

Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with its arid climate and limited agricultural resources, faces significant challenges in sustaining food production. In response to this, the visionary “Silver Wahatan” project has emerged, a solution to transform the desert landscape into fertile grounds for agriculture and urban development.

At the heart of the Silver Wahatan initiative lies a fleet of autonomous drones, aptly named “Clouds,” each boasting a remarkable 100-meter diameter. These helium balloon drones utilize advanced AI navigation systems to traverse the desert terrain, effectively creating movable oases wherever they roam. When strategically grouped at designated altitudes and locations, these Clouds collaborate to form expansive sheltered areas, shielding agricultural plots and urban zones from the harsh desert elements.

The innovation doesn’t stop there. Each Silver Wahatan Drone Cloud is equipped with an innovative photovoltaic (PV) layer atop its structure, harnessing the abundant solar energy of the desert sun. This harvested energy is then efficiently transferred to the ground through cable tethers, providing crucial power sources to support agricultural operations and urban infrastructure.

Envisioned on a grand scale, the Silver Wahatan project proposes the deployment of a staggering 100,000 drones across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This ambitious endeavor holds the promise of revolutionizing agriculture in the region, unlocking new avenues for sustainable development and prosperity amidst the desert expanse.