Omniyat World Showsuite


The Omniyat World Show Suite in Dubai’s Sun & Sand Center epitomizes innovation and luxury in property development. Spanning three levels with a height of 10 meters and a floor area of approximately 4650 square meters, it offers a groundbreaking experience.

Upon entry, visitors are greeted by sliding doors leading to the Omniyat World Lobby. A Rolls Royce, the “Omniyat Lifting Room,” ascends them to the first floor, where seven Animatronics Silos showcase flagship projects with immersive 360-degree projections. The Omniyat Bubble Theatre, a glass-encased space, captivates with a floating bubble and captivating video presentations.

On the mezzanine floor, the Future Living Show Suite unveils “The Pad,” showcasing Cybertecture technology such as iReality, iHealth, and iFamily. Finally, the ground level houses the Omniyat Sales Center, featuring tinted glass sales bubbles and flexible seating arrangements for a private yet engaging experience.

The Omniyat World Show Suite redefines property showcase experiences, setting a new standard for luxury and innovation in Dubai’s real estate market.