SmarTone The Wai Flagship Store

Hong Kong

“The Wai” store is SmarTone’s avant-garde venture into futuristic telecommunications retail in Hong Kong. Spanning 1,560 ft², this flagship establishment seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology, user-friendly interfaces, and modular design principles. Embodying the evolution of communication, particularly with the advent of 5G technology, the store’s Radio Waves theme promises superior network services.

At the heart of the design lies the plug-and-play wall, facilitating dynamic display configurations for a diverse array of mobile phones and accessories. Strategically positioned interactive displays enhance the customer journey, complemented by knowledgeable staff providing personalized assistance.

Flexibility is a key feature, enabling effortless adaptation to accommodate new products, promotions, and interactive showcases. Sustainability is central, with a focus on reusable items and modular panels, in alignment with Cybertecture’s commitment to responsible design.

The SmarTone Plus Member Area offers a deluxe retreat, boasting premium materials and plush seating for optimal comfort. Tablets provide access to service plans, while self-payment kiosks streamline transactions.

The store’s aesthetic revolves around a futuristic color palette of red, white, and wood, augmented by a reflective mirror ceiling, evoking a sense of infinite space. Beyond traditional retail paradigms, SmarTone’s flagship store beckons customers to explore and engage with the future of telecommunications, positioning itself as more than just a shopping destination but as a gateway to the possibilities of tomorrow’s connectivity and technology.