Club Innovale – Cyber Restaurant

Hong Kong

Situated within the residential enclave of One Innovale, the clubhouse restaurant features a noteworthy amenity. Envision an expansive monitor affixed to the restaurant wall, displaying a dynamic live stream video capturing a specific segment of the main dining area. Atop this screen rests a stationary camera, meticulously angled towards the designated section, facilitating the integration of Augmented Reality (AR) technology to introduce engaging 3D objects into the live stream.

The camera’s perspective strategically enables AR interactions within predefined zones on the floor, referred to as hotspots. These hotspots are deliberately positioned, ranging from 10 to 20 feet away from the wall-mounted monitor and camera. Within these demarcated areas, patrons, facing the monitor, can actively engage with the AR objects and animations visible on the live feed, immersing themselves in a real-time interactive experience.

This system presents three distinctive themes for patrons to select, each offering a transformative dimension to the live stream encounter:

Cyber Safari:
Embark on a virtual adventure within a jungle setting, where animated animals and captivating scenes come to life.

Cyber Snow Mountain:
Immerse yourself in a digital landscape resembling snowy mountains, irrespective of the ambient temperature.

Cyber Sakura:
Transport to a serene space with virtual cherry blossoms, creating a tranquil ambiance with falling pink petals.