Anchor Plaza

Hong Kong

At the heart of Anchor Plaza stands the world’s largest anchor from the renowned Seawise Giant, symbolizing the rich maritime history and spirit of Hong Kong. More than an industrial artifact, this colossal anchor will be prominently featured in an iconic Central harborfront location, enhancing the city’s global prominence and narrating a compelling story for both locals and tourists.

Integral to the project is the incorporation of Art-Tech, introducing an interactive audio-visual element that aims to enrich the public’s experience along the harbourfront. This blend of technology and art offers an immersive showcase of Hong Kong’s diverse maritime cultural heritage, engaging visitors and fostering educational exploration.

Adding to the allure of Anchor Plaza, gradient-colored and dynamic-form seating will contextualize the design concept, creating a free-seating area in the form of a lawn berm or recycled timber growing from the land. To enhance comfort in this exposed area, a mist system will cool down the space, providing an inviting atmosphere.

Illuminated by high-powered burial LED uplights, the anchor sculpture becomes a visual spectacle, surrounded by a water fountain zone and signature star point uplights. Flexible warm white light strips with opal diffusers along the steps add a gentle glow, demarcating level changes.

Anchor Plaza, with its fusion of historical significance, cutting-edge technology, and thoughtful design elements, promises to be a captivating destination, inviting diverse audiences to engage with the enchanting maritime narrative of the region.