Timber Robots

Hong Kong

Timber robots, an innovative fusion of customer service and touring functionalities, seamlessly combining artificial intelligence with humanized features. Meticulously designed to capture the essence of Hong Kong’s wood history, this futuristic marvel promises an immersive experience within clubhouses.

The robot’s unique wooden shell challenges traditional robotic aesthetics, presenting a friendly image crafted through traditional hand-craft methods and TEAK, symbolizing Hong Kong’s heritage. Its streamlined design, with contour layers and a user-friendly interface, creates an organic shape, complemented by an anti-waterproof coating for a cozy ambiance.

Technologically advanced, the Tibmer robots boasts powerful artificial intelligence, facilitating effortless navigation and collision prevention with built-in scanners. The scan detective function allows for self-charging upon verbal command, reducing the workload for clubhouse managers.

Envisioned as a breath of fresh air, Cybertecture aims to create a friendly atmosphere for every clubhouse user. With innovative design and advanced functionalities, these robots promise a unique and enjoyable experience, seamlessly merging the past with the future.

In addition to its primary functions, there are two types of robots in the Cybertecture lineup. The first excels in customer service and touring within clubhouses, while the second variant specializes in efficient and contactless food delivery directly to residents’ doors, adding a new dimension of convenience and versatility to its capabilities.