Fireflies Habitat

Hong Kong

Envisioned as a unique habitat for fireflies, this architecturally inspired design within the One Innovale residential project draws on scientific principles and the life cycle of fireflies to create an optimal environment. The design features a series of water bodies shaded by man-made trees, providing both shelter and cooling. Partially powered by solar energy, the garden utilizes water pumped through cascading pools to create a conducive habitat for fireflies.

The flow of water, complemented by carefully selected plants that support firefly habitats, fosters an ideal living environment for these luminescent insects. 

Situated within the One Innovale residential project, this architectural marvel merges nature and design, utilizing a combination of plants, concrete, steel, and technology to meet the specific needs of fireflies. The result is a harmonious blend of natural elements and modern architecture, creating a space that not only supports biodiversity but also offers an educational experience for visitors.