The Flower Totem Tree

Hong Kong

The Flower Totem Tree is 3-meter-tall totem tree with fully integrated functionality. This innovative tree is equipped with over three advanced sensors that continuously monitor and analyze various environmental factors such as radiation, particulate matter, humidity, air pressure, temperature, wind, and chemicals. Serving as a responsive environmental sentinel, the Flower Totem Tree plays a pivotal role in sensing and understanding weather conditions.

Its seamless connectivity to nearby buildings facilitates the transmission of real-time data to smart building systems. This integration enables buildings to adapt and respond to localized environmental changes, enhancing their efficiency in managing indoor environments. The Flower Totem Tree’s capacity to form a network array around the city further establishes a comprehensive sensor network, contributing to the development of smarter cities.

Designed and manufactured by Cybertecture, the Flower Totem Tree represents a fusion of nature and technology, revolutionizing urban landscapes and paving the way for sustainable and intelligent city planning.