CBD2.0 Hong Kong

Hong Kong

In reimagining Kwun Tong’s historical essence and fostering its entrepreneurial spirit, Cybertecture transforms former manufacturing hubs into dynamic centers for trade, offices, and Hong Kong’s cultural industries. Despite challenges post the manufacturing shift to Mainland China, Kwun Tong remains resilient.

Our vision for Kwun Tong involves masterful urban planning, incorporating redesigned lanes, smart street furniture, and innovative planters to enhance walkability from transport centers to the waterfront. This masterplan aims to establish a vibrant Central Business District (CBD) 2.0 in Hong Kong, inviting visitors to explore and breathe life into Kwun Tong.

Aligned with the global smart city movement, Kwun Tong evolves into a technologically advanced hub, drawing inspiration from cities like Amsterdam and Barcelona. The integration of Cybertecture, including intelligent services, information kiosks, monitoring systems, and a robust Wi-Fi network, shapes a connected community. The centerpiece, the Cybertecture Smart Lamp Post, standing at 6 meters with LED panels, sensors, and cameras, contributes to a smart city sensor grid. This infrastructure provides real-time information through smart device cameras, enabling users to explore the area’s history and interact with others. Kwun Tong is poised to become a competitive, smart city, offering a futuristic urban experience with a user-friendly blend of aesthetics and functionality through strategic masterplanning.