The Equinox stands tall at 210 meters, comprising 42 storeys and offering breathtaking views of the Red Sea. This mixed-use development houses 134 units, including offices, apartments, penthouses, and duplexes, alongside a bustling shopping arcade.

The architecture of The Equinox is distinct, featuring a unique division of its mass that symbolizes its diverse functionalities. Divided into a tower and a shopping arcade, each segment varies in size and purpose. The tower’s sleek design guarantees uninterrupted sea views for all occupants, complemented by a glass elevator providing vistas of downtown Jeddah.

The Equinox seamlessly merges contemporary architecture with cutting-edge technology, featuring advanced Cybertecture systems tailored for convenience and sustainability. Sky gardens serve as functional dividers, enhancing natural airflow, while the central atrium fosters a stack effect. In essence, The Equinox redefines modern living, blending innovation, functionality, and elegant design.