Hybridity Building

Hong Kong

The Hybridity Building is poised to redefine the landscape of Hong Kong Science Park Phase 3. This iconic green structure represents a fusion of modern design principles with the natural environment, transcending conventional building concepts.

Inspired by the idea of hybridity, the building seamlessly integrates modern architecture with the surrounding landscape, incorporating cutting-edge green technologies. Its distinctive feature is the incorporation of a sprawling landscape atop its iconic form, creating a unique hybrid greenscape. This innovative design serves multiple purposes, such as water collection, wind capture, solar energy generation, and expansion of public green spaces within the HKSTP.

The hybrid landscape functions as a multifaceted resource, harvesting rainwater for irrigation and recycling purposes. Additionally, the building houses a forest of PV panel towers and wind turbines, harnessing renewable energy to power its facilities. Moreover, the forest envelope surrounding the structure not only generates oxygen but also provides shade for terraces and office spaces.

In essence, the Hybridity Building represents a paradigm shift in architectural innovation, seamlessly blending the boundaries between building and landscape while championing sustainability and green technology.