The DotHome

Abu Dhabi

The DotHome, an embodiment of “Young Future Living” and the burgeoning SOHO (Small Office Home Office) culture in Abu Dhabi. Each apartment is meticulously crafted for individual buyers, featuring integrated Cybertecture systems such as Ambience, Health, Entertainment, and Reality.

This avant-garde tower fosters a vibrant community with shared “Living the Future” facilities, including a rooftop beach with a multimedia concert stage, a cutting-edge Cybertecture Spa, and a versatile library and play zone. A business center caters to conferences and meetings.

On the ground floor, food and beverage outlets seamlessly integrate with a canal-side promenade, creating a dynamic social hub. Innovative mezzanine multi-deck automatic car parking minimizes costs and time, achieving an impressive efficiency rate of 88%.

The DotHome sets a new standard for futuristic urban living in Abu Dhabi, where customization, community, and cutting-edge technology converge harmoniously to cater to discerning residents.