One Innovale Digital Twin AR

One Innovale Digital Twin AR

Hong Kong

Cybertecture created five promotional “Digital Twin” AR for One Innovale sales for The Hendeson Land Development.

The One Innovale promotional poster were printed and promoted on newspaper, billboards and magazines. By orientating the camera towards the poster on smart devices, a connection between the digital world and the real world is established. 3D image will appear on screen and the user will experience different iconic features of One Innovale, and even take a photo or selfie with the AR effect and share with friends. 

Each digital representation features iconic designs of One Innovale including 

The Archway
Butterflies flying out from the iconic Archway, at the same time echoing to the “Butterfly Garden” in the residence. 

The Club House “Club Innovale”
Overall view of the 36,000 sq. ft. club house with the design concept of “GALLERY IN THE PARK”. 

The Firefly Habitat
Hanging out with the glowing Fireflies! A specific public area in the residence specialized for Firefly to reside. 

“Club Innovale” swimming pool
All weather indoor and outdoor 30-metre-infinite pool.  

The “Utopia Tree” by Phil Price
The growing Utopia Tree, the best known large-scale kinetic sculptures in now in town.