The Arcadia


A luxury residential development in Mumbai, boasts a prime location at the intersection of main roads, offering stunning views of the sea and cityscape. Its innovative design centers around a temple and rotunda, radiating outward to create a seamless living experience.

The complex features a podium garden with water features, while circular green balconies adorn the residential towers, offering residents a serene retreat. Intelligent louvers regulate sunlight, ensuring comfort throughout the day.

At the summit of luxury are the Sky Palaces, luxurious duplex units with panoramic views and exclusive amenities. Arcadia’s grand arrival area features a striking rotunda and a floating tree, setting the tone for the exclusive community. Residents can unwind in private sundecks and café areas, fostering a sense of community.

Automated features like LED strips enhance energy efficiency and ambiance. In essence, Arcadia epitomizes luxury living in Mumbai, combining sophistication, convenience, and breathtaking vistas to create a coveted urban oasis.