The Skyline Tower


Skyline Tower, redefines luxury living with its innovative design and breathtaking panoramic views. Each apartment boasts Sky Gardens, allowing occupants to immerse themselves in the surrounding cityscape.

Inspired by the tranquil Cunninghamia trees, the tower utilizes a Diagrid construction system, creating column-free living spaces. Diagrid curtain walls enhance the core structure, maximizing natural daylight, air ventilation, and unobstructed urban vistas.

Unlike traditional residential buildings, Skyline Tower introduces a “Cybertecture” concept, offering residents a 360-degree view of their dream home. The 28-story slim tower features ultra-luxury units, including Sky Apartments, Sky Penthouses, and Sky Palaces, strategically distributed to ensure uninterrupted views.

External diagrid structural systems optimize flexibility and light penetration, while club facilities are spread across podium and “Sky Deck” levels, offering residents exclusive amenities. With its blend of cutting-edge design and opulent living experiences, Skyline Tower stands as a pinnacle of modern architecture in Dadar, Mumbai.